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Fresh J.Lindeberg spring styles

Gregor Monks

25 March 2024

With the Easter holidays and the Masters just around the corner, it really feels like spring has sprung and the new season of golf is upon us.

There’s an endless list of things it’s best to be prepared for before you venture into them, and that includes a round of golf. We all love a fresh start, and the new clothing collections for this spring will have you primed and ready to take on the busy golfing season. Today, we want to give you a rundown of some of the best styles currently waiting for you in the pro shop.


J.Lindeberg Heath Polo

This delightful collared polo shirt from J.Lindeberg has four-way stretch properties build into the fabric to make it incredibly stretchy. The Heath shirt is composed of a single rich colour that covers the fabric. On the right sleeve and collar, you’ll find the distinctive J.Lindeberg bridge logo. A fantastic shirt for any round of golf!

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J.Lindeberg Tour Tech Polo

If you love rich and vivid patterns, the Tour Tech Polo will certainly speak to you. This shirt features a daring design of contrasting colours that make up a camouflage-like appearance. You’ll find the JL bridge logo on the collar, and the J.Lindeberg brand name runs down the left sleeve. An excellent shirt for a bright sunny day.

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J.Lindeberg Tech Bridge Pullover

You’re going to need something a little warmer for those chilly mornings before the sun’s come up, and we have just the thing. The Tech Bridge mid-layer from J.Lindeberg is very stretchy and will perfectly accommodate your figure and bodily movements. If you love colourful, noteworthy designs, you’ll feel at home wearing this one.

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J.Lindeberg Jarvis Mid-layer

A solid mid-layer that you’ll be glad you had tucked away in your bag when it starts to rain overhead, the Jarvis from J.Lindeberg will keep you feeling warm, dry, and fresh. This piece features an eye-catching style of solid colours on the torso and shoulders with a horizontal stripe running between them.

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This is just a taste of all the wonderful J.Lindeberg gear we have available for you to try on in the pro shop. Naturally, the weather is very changeable where we live, so it’s best to be prepared for the cold and rain if the forecast is suggesting the weather may turn on you. We have a wide variety of golf clothing including shirts, mid-layers, waterproofs and shoes, all ready for you to browse.

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